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Syrias cyberattack: First wave of a bigger war? – CNN.com August 30, 2013

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In the case of the Times attack, the Syrian group went after the larger connection chain. Its called the Domain Name System. It connects you, when you type in “CNN.com” or any other website, to the specific computer addresses where that content can be found.Experts say the hackers went after the managers of those connections; in this case, a firm that works with a company called Melbourne IT. The hackers tricked employees of that firm into giving up their passwords.

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The Charitable-Industrial Complex – NYTimes.com August 1, 2013

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Inside any important philanthropy meeting, you witness heads of state meeting with investment managers and corporate leaders. All are searching for answers with their right hand to problems that others in the room have created with their left. There are plenty of statistics that tell us that inequality is continually rising. At the same time, according to the Urban Institute, the nonprofit sector has been steadily growing. Between 2001 and 2011, the number of nonprofits increased 25 percent. Their growth rate now exceeds that of both the business and government sectors. It’s a massive business, with approximately $316 billion given away in 2012 in the United States alone and more than 9.4 million employed.

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