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How to Use Apple Swift to Make an Android App | ArcTouch March 26, 2015

Posted by sandyclaus in Programming, Swift.

How to Use Apple Swift to Make an Android App


Since WWDC (Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference) and Apple’s announcement of Swift, I’ve become increasingly impressed with the new language. For iOS developers, it’s a no-brainer to use Swift instead of Objective-C. Writing code is easier and faster than ever with Swift, making you more productive. And being able to write code and test it more efficiently will ultimately save developers like us time and cost.

Can You Use Apple Swift To Create Cross-Platform Apps?

The obvious benefits of Swift got me thinking: Could you use Swift to create an Android app? And, could you use Swift to write an app once for iOS and Android at the same time?

At ArcTouch, our clients regularly ask us to create both the iOS and Android version of their app. Where possible (and a good fit for the type of app), we like to use a unified code-base to bring cross-platform apps to market faster. We’ve had great success to date using Xamarin and HTML5, and if we can do the same with Swift, we’d have another great option for our customers.

After WWDC, we created a skunkworks team (led by two of our app developers, Diego Santiviago and Felipe Homma) to try building a simple app that works on both iOS and Android, written in Swift. And we succeeded with a proof-of-concept calculator app. Here’s how we did it.

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