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Apple IIc Plus – Teardown « Blondihacks March 21, 2015

Posted by sandyclaus in Academic Technology.

Huzzah!  A bit anticlimactic, I confess, but there are some things to note about this boot:

The IIc Plus has a notoriously weird beep sound. For some reason, Apple changed it from the iconic beep they had used for a decade on every other model of Apple II. Why?! Nobody knows, but it’s weird and annoying.

The IIc Plus disk firmware is a bit smarter than older models. If there’s no disk in the drive, most Apples will simply spin up the drive motor and run it non-stop until the heat death of the universe. The IIc Plus immediately recognizes the drive is empty as breaks into an AppleSoft BASIC prompt. We know this is happening because the red Disk Use flashes briefly, and the heat death of the universe has not occurred (as of this writing).

via Apple IIc Plus – Teardown « Blondihacks.



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