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A Bundle of Tor | Linux Journal July 4, 2014

Posted by sandyclaus in Computer Security, NSA.

I don’t know how many readers know this, but my very first Linux Journal column “Browse the Web without a Trace”, January 2008 was about how to set up and use Tor. Anonymity and privacy on the Internet certainly take on a different meaning in the modern era of privacy-invading software and general Internet surveillance. I recently went back and read my original column, and although the first few paragraphs were written six years ago, they seem just as relevant today:Is privacy dead? When I think about how much information my computer and my gadgets output about me on a daily basis, it might as well be. My cell phone broadcasts my general whereabouts, and my Web browser is worse—every site I visit knows I was there, what I looked at, what browser and OS I use, and if I have an account on the site, it could know much more.Even if you

via A Bundle of Tor | Linux Journal.



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