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Age of Nelson – Ships of the Old Navy February 12, 2014

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This book attempts to provide more information than the usual ship lists, which normally only mention launch date, dimensions and fate, by giving an anecdotal history of the vessel’s voyages, actions and people. It covers the period from the mid 18th century to about 1840 – the last half century of the sailing warship.

The information was derived from contemporary sources and and is presented using the political, moral and social conventions of the time.

Sailing warships were rated according to the number of their guns.

Only 1st rates, 100 or more guns, 2nd rates, 90 or 94 guns and 3rd rates, 74 or 80 guns, were powerful enough to fight in the line of battle. The frigates had 32, 36, 38 or 40 guns mounted on a single gun deck. Carronades were not included in the rating and in at least one case 20 additional carronades were carried on a vessel rated as a 32-gun ship.

via Age of Nelson – Ships of the Old Navy.



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