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Drought: SETI is a bargain – StamfordAdvocate January 14, 2014

Posted by sandyclaus in Drake Revisited.

For example, the SETI Institute was defunded in April 2011. As the Kepler satellite\’s telescope continued to identify large numbers of potentially habitable, Earth-sized planets, the Curiosity Rover has discovered dried freshwater lake beds on Mars, the Hubble Telescope has observed water vapor on Jupiter\’s moon Europa and the Cassini orbiter has detected water vapor on Saturn\’s moon Enceladus. Meanwhile, SETI remains inactive.

The presence of water in our solar system increases the likelihood of extraterrestrial life, as do recent discoveries of organisms flourishing in some very inhospitable pressure and temperature environments here on Earth. But, as the odds of finding alien life improve, Congress has reduced NASA\’s 2014 budget to its lowest levels in nearly a decade.

via Drought: SETI is a bargain – StamfordAdvocate.



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