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Ten Myths About the NSA, Debunked | The Nation January 13, 2014

Posted by sandyclaus in NSA, Security, Security State.

The debate Edward Snowden envisioned when he revealed the extent of National Security Agency NSA spying on Americans has taken a bad turn. Instead of a careful examination of what the NSA does, the legality of its actions, what risks it takes for what gains, and how effective the agency has been in its stated mission of protecting Americans, we increasingly have government officials or retired versions of the same demanding—quite literally—Snowden’s head and engaging in the usual fear-mongering over 9/11. They have been aided by a chorus of pundits, columnists, and present as well as former officials offering bumper-sticker slogans like \”If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear,\” all the while claiming our freedom is in direct conflict with our security.It’s time to face these arguments directly. So here are ten myths about NSA surveillance that need debunking. Lets sort them out.

via Ten Myths About the NSA, Debunked | The Nation.


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