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Knowing history: Behind Civ Vs Brave New World | Polygon June 27, 2013

Posted by sandyclaus in Academic Technology, Museum History, Video Games.

DESIGNER ED BEACH ON BRAVE NEW WORLDS ANTIQUITY SITES”What we do is … we have a number of events that are worthy of archaeological data storage. We get one of those on the [game] tile and we write that in there. The oldest one wins.”We want to try to unearth all that ancient stuff. So where that goodie hut was has been recorded. If theres a battle there now, that probably wont get recorded on that tile, just because we want to keep remembering the goodie hut. That was the oldest kernel of information about that site.”When you start to work those antiquity sites and send an archaeologist out there, you have two choices. You can create a landmark there. Thats going to provide culture. Once you get hotels and airports online, it also produces tourism. Or you can bring it back to your museum. Obviously, if its outside your territory, you probably want to bring it back. But the ones that are in your territory, you have to decide which way to go on that.”The amount of culture and tourism generated is based on how old it is. That increases during the game, so its a really simple formula. If youre in the medieval era, which is the third era in the game, and this goodie hut was from the ancient era — where we are right now, the first era in the game — its just two eras further, so you get two culture from it. But as you go, each era you progress through the game, all your sites start building up more and more.”You always want to keep those oldest landmarks possible, because then you get the greater culture out of them. Sometimes you dont remember. Was there really a goodie hut there? But its really cool. Like, occasionally one was in a very interesting spot, where you got it just before some other player got to it, so you remember that. The barbarian camps, I tend to remember them the best, because those usually required a little bit of effort to root them out.”When you get the antiquity site that says, Hey, there was a barbarian camp here and you plundered it, thats kind of fun to remember.”

via Knowing history: Behind Civ Vs Brave New World | Polygon.


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