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How Darwin helped invent the idea of aliens June 17, 2013

Posted by sandyclaus in Drake Revisited.

And, they declared, nothing in this theory contradicted religious teachings. Creation, they said, was not an act of God, but the consequence of natural laws—established by God—which did not require His constant intervention. And, just as God had created laws, such as gravity, which governed the physical realm, so too had the “Divine Author” drafted “beautiful regulations” to guide the development of organic life. “For it may be asked, if He, as appears, has chosen to employ inferior organisms as a generative medium for the production of higher ones, even including ourselves, what right have we, his humble creatures, to find fault?” wrote Robert Chambers, a Scottish geologist and natural philosopher, in his controversial, though hugely popular 1844 book, Vestiges of Natural Creation.

via How Darwin helped invent the idea of aliens.



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