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Twitter Gadget for Google Sites March 13, 2013

Posted by sandyclaus in Academic Technology.

Here is my solution, use your own gadget!

To add a gadget to your Google Site, you will need to host it yourself or host it using the Google Gadget Directory.

The latter option is preferred and is explained in these steps.

Host your gadget

Open Google Gadget Editor (GGE).

Using GGE, copy & paste the file twitter.xml (shown below) into the editor.

Select File > Save As and name it twitter.xml.

Add the gadget to a page on your Google Site

Edit a page and click on the spot where you want to add the gadget.

Go to Insert > More gadgets… > Add gadget by URL

Paste the URL where your gadget is hosted.

If you used GGE, copy the URL from the filename link in the upper right corner of the editor.

Configure your gadget

Once your gadget has been added to your page, go to the configuration settings.

Click on the gadget in edit mode then click on the cog icon.

Customize the gadget

Modify the settings to your preferences.

Don’t forget to use your Twitter username!

via Twitter Gadget for Google Sites.



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