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Docs – OUYA Developers March 11, 2013

Posted by sandyclaus in Academic Technology, Video Games.

Developing with the ODK

Use the Android API Level 16 (Android 4.1 “Jelly Bean”) when developing for the OUYA Console.

In order to use the OUYA API you will need to include ouya-sdk.jar in your project libraries, as well as guava-r09.jar and commons-lang-2.6.jar. These can be found in the libs directory.

For information on the API commands available, please consult the OUYA API reference documentation.

To run the sample code, open up the project in iap-sample-app and follow the instructions in the README.txt file.

For your application or game to be recognized as made for OUYA, you will need to include an OUYA intent category on the manifest entry of your main activity.

Use “tv.ouya.intent.category.GAME” or “tv.ouya.intent.category.APP”.








The application image that is shown in the launcher is embedded inside of the APK itself. The expected file is in res/drawable-xhdpi/ouya_icon.png and the image size must be 732×412.

Cleanly shutting down audio

When you exit the app and/or open the system menu, any ongoing game audio should be paused or stopped. Your app is responsible for managing its own audio. Failing to do so may be grounds for review process failure.

When the system overlay menu opens (e.g. when the system button is held or double tapped) the framework broadcasts a sticky intent with the action tv.ouya.intent.action.OUYA_MENU_APPEARING (also defined in OuyaIntent).

You can set up a BroadcastReceiver for this either dynamically or statically.

via Docs – OUYA Developers.



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