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ElectoralVote: Lawsuits rage – EC O:332 R:206 August 7, 2012

Posted by sandyclaus in Politics.

Although we are not likely to witness any lawsuits over dimpled, hanging, or pregnant chads this year (as in Florida in 2000), there will be lawsuits a-plenty. In addition to the one in Pennsylvania challenging the voter ID law there, a new one in Ohio over whether provisional ballots filed in the wrong precinct are valid is underway. As in all these cases, the Democrats want the law to include the largest number of people and the Republicans are trying to narrow the electorate as much as possible.

via ElectoralVote.


<<Sandy’s Note: Major spending begins to kick in this week with a $25 million dollar Super-Pac buy and major Obama expenditures in swing states. With a new phone number in a swing state, Ohio, I get more polling calls than I have ever gotten in my life. The Koch funded anti-Obama campaign nails him to the national debt, which he has only marginal control of. It feels like they are so far in the bubble that they can’t stick to the economy, which is the Republican’s best card. Instead they need to make something fearful.>>



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