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BLOG | I’m a Locavore and I Cheated | News | Midtown News August 7, 2012

Posted by sandyclaus in Food Culture.

My favorite buy was Braswell’s Select tea. It comes in a reusable drinking glass. The Statesboro company says only 20% of drink containers are recycled, so the unique packaging encourages people to reuse the glasses. Honestly, I don’t need any more drinking glasses, but I love the idea and the Pomegranate Blackberry tea was delicious.

As I close on week one of the Locavore Challenge, I’ve eaten about 75% local; not quite my 90% goal. It’s been fun to hunt down local food. It’s made me try things I wouldn’t have otherwise. And I know I’m eating healthier.

via BLOG | I’m a Locavore and I Cheated | News | Midtown News.


<<Sandy Note: This is, of course, the point. The birth of this movement comes in the post-Katrina peak-oil transition movements that collided with good ole bay area environmentalism and farm to table movements. It’s about discovery and networking, not diet.>>



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