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About | Starbound August 7, 2012

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We want you to feel like an explorer!

Because we’re working so hard to make each planet unique, we want to give you the tools to catalogue the things you find and make sure absolutely everything you find has depth in the world. Much like old school point and click adventures, absolutely every object in the world, right down to the trees and flowers, can be examined for a description.

See a weird alien tree? Examine it! Maybe you’ll discover something about its use! For any explorer, sharing discoveries is important. So whilst the game is fully coop (Bring your friends along! Form an expedition!) you can also record your findings in an electronic logbook. Not only that, but each and every planet has unique coordinates in the Universe that you can share online, so other players can check out exactly what you found!

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<<Sandy Note: One of the tasks Richard Feynman set himself was applying his insights into QED to Gravitation. He wondered if relativity could be derived from QED, so starting there in the quantum he worked backwards toward gravitation, which by this point in the late 40’s early 50s, felt like an entirely different kind of physics. What kind of game could you make where students unravel the standard model of physics in a similar fashion? These MMO sandboxes make me wonder…>>



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